Dranix Distributors Inc., started operations in Cebu on April 4, 1994. From humble beginnings, the company expanded rapidly in just a few years. On January 1997, Dranix established its first branch, in Tacloban, Leyte, now known as Dranix East. After over a year, the next branch opened in Iloilo - Dranix Panay.

Successive expansion followed on July 1999 and on June 2002 with the third and fourth branches respectively - Dranix Bohol and Dranix Calbayog. In 2007, three branches opened up north - Dranix Bicol on March, Dranix Metro Manila on August, and Dranix Quezon on September. After a year, the second warehouse opened in Inayawan, Cebu City. In 2011, Dranix opened another warehouse in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City. And in 2012, opened two additional warehouses in Paknaan, Mandaue City, and Ormoc City.

After 18 years, Dranix Distributors boasts of its combined workforce of more than 2,800 personnel who helps in the integration of all aspects of distribution: supply chain, warehousing, sales and marketing, finance, human resource, systems and internal audit. It has more than 350 trucks doing extensive coverage and distribution in over 90,000 stores throughout the Philippines.


As a company, we aim to seek at all times the success of our principals, our owners, our customers, and our people. We are governed by common objectives that will grow our business together. We live by the principle of “Win-Win”.

To our principals & the company owners, we will deliver our business commitments with enthusiasm, integrity, pride and hard work, fully aware that we owe this business and livelihood to them.

To our customers, we will be reliable in terms of coverage, product supply and value-added business programs.

To our people, we will grant equal opportunities for development and provide trainings. We will be open and fair but firm in our dealings.

We will achieve our business targets in the most cost-effective way possible. We will strive to operate under a good balance of efficiency and effectiveness to optimize our profitability.

With these, our principals and owners will reward us with bigger and continued business, our customers with preferred supplier status, and our people with loyalty and dedication.


We aimed to be the partner in the distribution and importation industry with an inspiring workplace that attracts and retains outstanding talents, providing quality products and services to customers, and building the businesses of its principals and stakeholders.


Awards & Recognitions


National Best In Class Distributor
FY 2009 - 2010, FY 2006 - 2007, FY 2004 - 2005, FY 2002 - 2003

CBD Recognition Program Best Distributor
FY 2006 - 2007

National Best In Class Financial Management
FY 2004 - 2005

National Best In Class BDF and CMO Funds Management
FY 2003 - 2004

Visayas District RDLP Highest Reach Performance Award
FY 2003 - 2004

Visayas District Best MAS Business Distributor
FY 2003 - 2004

National CBD Annual Best In Class RDLP Execution
FY 2002 - 2003

Visayas District Best In Class Distributor
FY 2001 - 2002

Visayas District Best In Class Award In Open Trade Development
FY 2001 - 2002

National Best In Class In Reach Development
FY 1999 - 2000

Visayas District Best in Reach Development
FY 1999 - 2000

National Stockweights Program Best In Class Distributor
July - September 1996

Visayas District Best In Class in Distributor Management
Oct - Dec 1997


Distributor of the Year (Iloilo)
Year 2010

100% Club
Year 2009

Mafran Banana Catsup - Distributor of the Year
Year 2009 and 2006


Best in Volume Target Achievement
FY 2009 - 2010


Distributor of the Year
Year 2011


Best Distributor for Visayas
Year 2009


Best Consumer Products Distributor - Metro Cebu
Year 2006


Trade Partners of the Year Award
Year 1996 - 2000

100% Club
Year 2009

Special Recognition Award - Top Ten Trade Suppliers in Medium and Small Suppliers Category
Year 1997 - 2000

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