Welcome to Dranix Distributors, Inc., one of the leading distribution, trading, and importation company in the Philippines.

Since 1994, we opened several branches in the key regions across the country. We have a strong portfolio of distinguished local and global partners, including among others, various private labels, hence offering a wide variety of products to the consumer market.

Our goal is to provide a reliable and efficient service to various retail outlets such as supermarkets, convenient stores, wholesalers, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants and small retailers. We aim to deliver our business commitments to our principals by cultivating a culture of excellence in our dealings.

In Dranix, we strive to form a team comprised of highly-skilled and competitive individuals with passion for excellent service anchored on hardwork and integrity. We seek to create an inspiring workplace founded on professionalism, dedication, and loyalty.




We shall adhere to the standards established by our partners and to the policies set by our customers. Nevertheless, We shall extend due and necessary service beyond what has been called for us because what we believe that going the extra mile shall take our business further. We Acknowledge that doing the right things is as essential as doing things right.

Customer Services

As our company matures, we continuously exhibit good customer services, thereby conforming the customer's expectation and satisfaction.


We shall relentlessly advance our technologies, systems, and processes to keep up with the demands of the modern market. At the same time, we will continuously improve our quality of service and level of performance for our customers and partners. These we will do because we believe that excellence is no an end to be accomplished by a means by which we achieve.


We shall ensure that we deliver our commitments on the time set for us, with all the deliverables expected from us. We shall shall value time, quantity and quality in all our transactions. Thus, we shall live by the principle that "every minute matters and every case counts".


A Spare of an unforgettable Strike

As the saying goes, "All work and no play make John a dull boy". Thus, Dranix Distributors, Inc. makes sure that its employees are naturally bright and active marking its 4th Yap See Memorial Bowling Tournament held last September 7, 2008 at SM Bowlingplex, Cebu City. A total of 250 employees and principal

2014-06-07
OGSM Meeting

For the first time, Dranix Distributors, Inc. held an Objective, Goals, Strategies and Measures (OGSM) Meeting last March 2 and 3, 2009 at Casino Español, Ranudo St., Cebu City unveiling its vision "20/20 '09". This gathered all Dranix supervisors and managers from all departments of all branches across the r

2014-06-07

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